Arthur Shawcross – Interview

Richard Speck
Richard Speck

Arthur Shawcross was arrested for the murders of 11 prostitutes in and around Rochester, New York. He was dubbed “The Genesee River Killer” becuase he dumped a lot of the bodies around the river. He was caught after a police helicopter saw him sitting on a bridge looking over the scene where one of the bodies was dumped.

What is your full name? Arthur John Shawcross

How old are you? 58

What is your weight & height? 6′, 284 lbs

Are you married? Yes

Do you have children? I have two and my wife has ten.

Are you in contact with your family? Only with the step-children and the grandchildren.

What is the last vehicle you owned? My own: 1965 Dodge Pickup But a 1987 Chevy Celbrity belonged to my wife.

What is your most treasured honor? Getting an honorable discharge from the army.

Describe the perfect woman. My wife.

What are you favorite movies? Blood, Guts and the beer type.

What is your favorite song? There I’ve Said It Again

What is your favorite band? Murder Junkies by GG Allin

Who is your favorite singer? Carouso.

What were your hobbies before incarceration? Fishing, walking, driving around and hunting.

What are you hobbies now? Artwork, reparing things and reading.

What is your favorite meal? Italian & Greek style spaghetti

Recommended reading? Plato

What is the last book you read? Brotherhood of War, by W.E.B. Griffin

Describe the ideal evening. With a willing girl, or three.

What is your biggest regret? Not doing the right thing in going straight and being a good citizen!

If you were president, what would you do? Nuke Iraq, Iran, and Jordan and any other asshole country who fucks over it’s own people!

What is your advice to children? Get an eductation and keep away from drugs, assholes, and live life to the fullest.

What do you dislike about other people? I have nothing against people per se: only the ones who try to get over on others and take away their freedom.

What is your biggest fear? Falling from a tall building.

Why do friends like you? I am like a magnet. Easy to get along with until someone steps out of bounds.

Who, in history, would you have liked to have met? The Vikings.

If you were an animal, what would you be? A wolf.

What are your personal goals? I have none any longer.

What are your personal interests? My art!

What is your favorite color? Black, deep red and purple.

How do you view yourself? As a real life vampire.

What do you think of this country? It takes too much away from it’s on people! Do not dictate the world!!!!

What are your thoughts on:

Crime? Take everyone out of the prisons today and tell them point blank; that if they get into anymore trouble they will be shot on the spot, no trial!

Drugs? Grass is ok as I have tried it and have eaten it. Moderatly it’s ok.

Sex? Bring it on………

Alcohol? I like wine and I cook with beer.

How do you consider yourself? Born out of time.

What do you expect from friendships? Honesty, Respect, Giving when able.

What are your religious views? Born to be bad but I will live yet again.

What are you thinking right now? Not much of anything at all!

Artistic interests? Wish I could paint like the person who did the Cisteen Chaple

What are you in prison for? Murder of eleven prostitutes.

Do you consider yourself racist, sexist, or homophobic? Racist somewhat, the others I do not understand.


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