Bill L. Suff – Interview

Bill L. Suff
Bill L. Suff

Bill Suff was arrested in Riverside, California and charged with the murders of 19 prostitutes. He was known as “The Riverside Prostitute Killer”.

What is your full name? Bill Lee Suff (Christened “Bill,” not “William”)

How old are you? 53 (born: 8-20-50)

How tall are you and what do you weight? 5’7″, 205 lbs

What is your marital status? Divorced

Do you have any children? Two; Billy, Jr. (33) and Bridgette Ann (14)

Are you in contact with your family? No, cut off by their choice.

What was the last vehicle you owned? 89 Mitsubishi Van.

Describe the perfect woman. 5’4″-5’6″, silky black hair, (very long or very short), 100-120 lbs, blue or green eyes, any race or nationality.

Who were your childhood hero’s? Hopalong Cassidy, Walt Disney.

What are your favorite TV shows? ER, NYPD Blue, Enterprise, Charmbed, Regis & Kelly.

What are your favorite movies? Dances With Wolves, Sleepless in Seattle

What are your favorite songs? “Bolero” and “Grand Canyon Suite”

Who are your favorite musicians? Randy Travis, Garth Brooks, Alison Krauss & Reba McEntire

What were your hobbies before you went to prison? Writing stories, riding bikes, leather handicrafts, camping & hiking, cooking, and scuba-diving.

What are your hobbies now? Writing stories, drawing and reading.

What is your favorite meal? My version of sweet chili, lasagna and pizza.

What do you recommend for people to read? Fantasy: Anne McCaffrey’s “Dragon Riders of Pern” series. News Magazine: “The Week”

What was the last book you read? J.K. Rowlings “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Describe the ideal evening. Sitting/laying on the floor, pillows at our backs, my lady love nestled against my side under my arm, in front of a roaring fireplace with soft music playing.

What was your last New Year’s resolution? To lose 20 lbs and eat less fattening foods.

Nobody know’s about what? My 2 near death episodes and what I saw during them. I’m satisfied about them and no one else NEEDS to know.

What is your biggest regret? That I didn’t show the “love of my life” how much I loved her.

If you were President what would you do? Resign!

What is your advice to children? Enjoy your childhood and don’t grow up to fast.

What don’t you like about people? Falseness in word and deed, vulgarity and untrustworthyness.

What is your biggest fear? That I will lose my bodily functions or ability to reason.

What are your pet peeves? See “What I don’t like about people”

What are your superstitions? I don’t believe in them. Don’t have any.

Why do your friends like you? I am trustworthy and don’t talk about them behind their backs. I can keep a secret.

Who, in history, would you have liked to have met? Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Harry Houdini, and Mark Twain.

If you were an animal, what would you be? A big cat (Black Leopard) or a Dolphin.

What are your personal goals in life? Prove my innocence; to learn so I can teach.

What are some of your personal interests? Music, creating new dishes to eat.

What is your favorite color? Black with silver highlights

How do you view yourself? Personal and private.

What do you think of this country? It needs help.

What is your political party? This is a subject I will not talk about.

What are your thoughts on:

Crime: It should be illegal.
Drugs: I’m against them, but I don’t criticize them.
Sex: Private between me and my lover.
Alcohol: Should be used in cooking, not abusing.

How do you consider yourself? A peacekeeper.

What do you expect from friendships? Faithfulness, trustworthyness, truthfullness, and help when it is needed.

What are your religious feelings? They’re not a subject for discussion because of my near death experiences.

What are you thinking right now? What am I going to watch next on tv?

What are your artistic interests? Pastels, pencils, oceanic scenes, wildlife.

What are you in prison for? Sorry, I don’t go there.

Do you consider yourself sexist, racist, or homophobic? No.


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