Elliot Rodger Manifesto


In Elliot Rodger’s 141 page manuscript, entitled, “My Twisted World” he begins with a life story narrative and eventually descends into an anti-women and anti-minority rage. The first part is pure self-indulgence as he recounts his every childhood memory, from his favorite movie (The Land Before Time) to the names of pretty much every single kid he ever hung out with (or wanted to hang out with). It’s also pretty much a recitation of Rodger’s life of privilege, with casual references to Malibu beach houses, international travel and unlimited access to the newest gadgets and games.

What begins as a personal history ultimately turns into a full-blown killer’s monologue as he details exactly how and why he planned and prepared for his so-called “Day of Retribution” – retribution, of course, against the women who drove him to unspeakable acts of violence by denying him their companionship. He also created a YouTube video, Elliot Rodger’s Retribution, describing his plans for the attack and his motivation – punishing women for rejecting him.

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